Optimizing light as well as indoor and outdoor temperature with a vertical roll-up screen 

A vertical screen system controls the temperature and light in the greenhouse. The most widely vertical screen system is a roll screen system, which is installed all around the interior of the greenhouse. It is also possible to install a twin roll screen if you wish to create multiple or different crop areas. We also offer the trio roll screen, which has three instead of two screens. It is also possible to use a vertical outdoor roll screen to keep the heat outside.

Roll-up screen 

An A1 Growsystems roll-up screen system allows you to control light and temperature in the greenhouse. The roll-up screen system is installed on the inner wall. The screen system can be controlled manually or with a control system.

Twin roll screen

Realizing different temperatures in the greenhouse with a twin roll screen system. The twin roll screen system allows you to divide the space into sections and to control the individual temperatures of those sections. A twin roll screen system consists of two screen sections and one motor.

Trio roll screen

An A1 Growsystems trio roll screen system allows you to divide the crop in various phases in the greenhouses. The trio roll screen system consists of three screen sections and is driven by two motors. This will also allow you to roll up your installation faster.

Outside roll screen

Maintaining a constant temperature in the greenhouse with an outdoor roll screen. The outdoor roll screen is installed on the outdoor wall of your greenhouse and is often used in combination with an outdoor top screen system. The outdoor roll screen can keep away outside heat and can lower the temperature in the greenhouse by a couple of degrees. The outside roll screen is widely used for the cultivation of flowers and plants.

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