The water storage you need to sprinkle your crop.

Water is essential for your crop, but having sufficient water storage is crucial. Water can be stored in water silos or water basins. The water storage your crop needs depends on the space available and the water quantity required.

Use can be made of a water sanitizer for the recirculation of the drain water. Rainwater can be collected and deposited in the water storage. If use is made of water units, then fertilizers can be added to the water.

Water silos

You can compactly store water in water silos inside or outside your greenhouse, saving space. Rainwater or returned drain water is collected in the water silo. The water from the water silo is pumped to the crop via the water units, where fertilizer can be added if necessary. If needed the water silo can be covered with a floating cover or an anti-algae cover to prevent the growth of algae or external contamination.

Water basins

Rainwater can be collected in a water basin. The space for a water basin is created on or near your site. The size of the water basin is determined on the basis of your crop's water requirement. A water basin can be closed with a cover.

Rain water discharge

The returned water can be collected in a drain or pumped into the water storage. The water in the water storage is decontaminated by water units, making it suitable for re-use on your crop.

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