Sprinkling your crop with an installation of A1 quality

Your crop determines which sprinkler installation you require. We offer sprinkling from above, drip irrigation or ebb and flood systems. A1 Growsystems arranges your sprinkler installation from its initial installation through to the maintenance.


Your crop is sprinkled from above by a sprinkler installation. The sprinkler receives water from a water pump or water unit. A sprinkler installation is used, for example, for outdoor cultivation of, for example, radish, lettuce or chrysanthemums.

Drip Irrigation

The water from the drip irrigation installation is supplied by a water pump or water unit, ensuring that your crop receives the correct amount of water. Drip irrigation is commonly used in hydroponic and pot plant cultivation.

Ebb and flood system

The ebb and flood system causes the full floor to be filled with water. Once the crop has absorbed sufficient water, the ebb and flood system drains in a natural way. The required fertilizers can be added to the pumped water in a water unit. The ebb and flood system is commonly used in the propagation and cultivation of potted plants.

Spray booms

By using spray booms you can easily water/spray a large surface area low-growing crops, such as leaf vegetables or cut flowers. The spray booms can be supplied either manually or fully atomatically.

Roof sprinklers

In sunny conditions you can increase the humidity by using roof sprinklers. The evaporation of water extracts heat from the air outside and the greenhouse roof. This gives you an increase in humidity, a reduction in air temperature and a reduction in glass temperature.

We provide you A1 advice on your water system. Please feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice.
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