The correct amount of filtered water from the water units to your crop!

You can use one or multiple pumps in your greenhouse to pump water from a water basin, water silo or ditch. A1 Growsystems water pumps allow your crop to grow and blossom. A water unit can be added to the water pump, completing the irrigation system.

A1 Growsystems supplies various brands and types of pumps. If you need a specific pump, please contact us. The water units are developed to suit our customer's requirements. We provide 24/7 service and maintenance on all the pumps and/or water units we supply and install.


A water unit ensures that the correct amount of water is pumped out of the water basin or water silo. The water unit then filters the water unit, adds fertilizer and sets the right temperature before the water is transported to your crop.

Autofill A/B-container filler

The Autofill takes care of the preparation of the A / B tank from liquid fertilizers. The benefits of the Autofill include: Accuracy, Safety and Flexibility. The Autofill is available up to 12 fertilizers, in addition two trace elements, 4 x AB sets and possibly 4 x acid / lye.


Triton consists of a filter container that creates a healthy microbiological population by way of an advanced system combining air, water and a composite growth medium. This population is a resident micro biology. The resident microflora ensures that the organic contamination is "eaten", making it impossible for non-resident microflora, such as agro bacterium, to grow. After the water is treated in the Triton, it contains more oxygen, less organic material and a healthy quantity of microflora, creating a balanced eco system and improving the resistance of the plant roots. The Triton is easily incorporated into your existing watering system.

Compost tea

Together with the Gezond Groep we have developed and realized units of various sizes. Compost tea is the natural approach to cultivation new style. The Compost tea is a watery extract full of micro-organisms, which allows for the dominant use of bacteria and/or fungus. This can be used by any horticultural business after having first conducted a soil nutrient web research to determine the initial situation.

Curious about the pumps and water units we supply? Feel free to contact us and we will provide tailor-made advice.
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